The following poems  were  submitted by students  in a poetry class  I teach at the Plus Company in Nashua, New Hampshire.

This Is Me
by  Sam  L.   Hampton  NH

I have eyes that cannot see.
This makes certain things harder for me.

I use equipment that can talk,
and I use a cane to walk.

I read a six-dot code called Braille,
and use audio books when it does fail.

Because I cannot drive a car,
someone else has to bring me far.

Because of Asperger's I have trouble in social situations,
like when to come into conversations.

I also have a lot of anxiety,
and a lot of sensitivity.

This causes me to have trouble dealing with unexpected sensation,
like heat, cold, pain, or changes in walking elevation.

I also will go for a good hug,
and good food, chocolate, a good book, a warm drink, blankets, and family time are my drug.

I am different as you can see,
but please accept my disability.
You might find a friend in me.

Dear Readers,
I am very excited to be heading up the Poetry Section of this website. Our goal is to give children, teens and young adults with disabilities a voice. We want to hear from you. In my experience as someone with disabilities, I have found that many people make the assumption that those who have disabilities aren't able to achieve much. That's just not true. This is an opportunity to share your poems and be empowered.

Over the years I have faced many challenges due to my various disabilities. My biggest accomplishment was graduating from college with a BA despite the fact that others didn't believe that I could do it. I know that it is not easy to have a disability but each of us is unique and talented in our way, and want to be accepted and respected.  

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Check out the poems below. The four poems listed were written several years ago by students at Crotched Mountain School, Greenfield, NH for a poetry anthology I compiled called, Voices From The Mountain.

We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Writing!
Janine Leffler

Dumb As A Crumb
By Jason Adam Richards - Crotched Mt School

If only my teachers back then could see me now.
They’d see that their backwards comments
were as twisted as my mom’s hair in curlers.

Many people now can see as plain as day
That my ambitions and pride go first
and pave the way.

Respect, that’s what I deserve,
It’s what I need to get along with people.
It’s a mutual thing, a two way street,
Most often the road I like to travel on.

My first thought when I see their faces is
“Now that I think about it, you are the ones 
 who are dumb as crumbs!”


Who Are We To Judge
By  C.N. Freeman- Crotched Mountain School

Judging is  for contests.
We are not the prizes.
Judging is for contests.
Your skin is not the wrapping paper.
Judging is for contests.
Please  do not stop and stare if we win.
You won too, our respect.
We are one race, the human race!!

Fears of The Real World
 by Amanda Simons- Crotched Mountain School

People say the fears I have,
Are fears of the real world?
They only say it's only normal
And that
It's a sign of growing up,
To fear the things I fear,
To think the things I think...
Who are you?
And what makes you the expert?

I sit and ask myself
What gives  you the right to tell me
What is right or wrong?
They tell me they can see my dreams
Slowly slipping away
But they don't know the dreams
I hold deep inside this heart.
People say I won't make it far,
But  I sit and ask myself
Who are you to tell me
What I  can or cannot be?
And who are you to tell me
What I can or cannot do?
The Fear of not knowing
is what  scares me  half to death.
But my question still remains the same
Who are you....?
and what makes you the expert?

By Patrick L. James- Crotched Mountain School

That’s what you think when I wheel through the hall,
But you self-righteous people know
Nothing at all.

Is what you sometime see,
but you know you could never handle the
real me.

Is what you think you have seen,
but you don’t know that's just me being clean.
You think I am always that way everyday,
but you know that a lot of you staff stereotyped me the first day.
You may think that I am the hardest cognitive student you met,
But baby you have not seen nothing yet.

 Note: When you submit your poem you are giving us permission to post it along with your name. 

"The stone rejected by the builder
has now become the cornerstone."
Matthew 21:42-43
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