Call for Poetry Entries

Dear Readers,
I am very excited to be heading up the Poetry Section of this website. Our goal is to give children, teens and young adults with disabilities a voice. We want to hear from you. In my experience as someone with disabilities, I have found that many people make the assumption that those who have disabilities aren't able to achieve much. That's just not true. This is an opportunity to share your poems and be empowered.

Over the years I have faced many challenges due to my various disabilities. My biggest accomplishment was graduating from college with a BA despite the fact that others didn't believe that I could do it. I know that it is not easy to have a disability but each of us is unique and talented in our way, and want to be accepted and respected.  

Janine's Party Poetry Section is now open for submissions.
How it works:
Submit an original poem using the prompt:
What Would You Tell The World?  
Email your poem, subject line: Poetry to

Giveaway: Monthly Drawing for Autographed Books*

When you submit your poem you are giving us permission to post your poem along with your name and state. (Please indicate if you don't want your last name noted.) We are going to be posting the best poems, but all people who submit will be added to a monthly drawing* for an autographed copy of the book Janine beginning January 1, 2015. (Books will be shipped beginning on March 1st, pub date.)

Check out our Poetry link. The four poems listed were written several years ago by students at Crotched Mountain School, Greenfield, NH for a poetry anthology I compiled called, Voices From The Mountain.

We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Writing!

Janine Leffler