Check out: Same Way Ben

Same Way Ben 

A new book by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Maryann's inspiration for this book came from a child with autism who had difficulty 
with change, though this book would help every child with transition.

Ben likes things the same way every day at school—he sits at the same table, eats the same lunch, and likes the daily class routine. But when his teacher leaves to have her baby and a substitute teacher comes and changes everything, Ben gets upset—he liked everything the way it was before! But Ben starts to think differently about change and realizes that doing things another way can be fun.

Bright, cartoony drawings make the daily routine of a classroom come alive, worthily representing the center of this child’s world…Young readers, including many not on the spectrum, can empathize with the character’s reluctance to embrace change, so the book could be a good discussion starter. Sensitively pragmatic.  - Kirkus Reviews

Same Way Ben  Published by Albert Whitman & Co.  2019