Fighting For YES! It's HERE!

I am proud to announce my new book,

“Fighting for Yes! The Story of Disability Rights Activist Judith Heumann” 

illustrated by the talented Vivien Mildenberger, published by Abrams Books

My heartfelt thanks to Judith Heumann for the inspiration and for kindly writing a moving note for the book, which speaks directly to young readers and future activists. You are my hero. 

Back story: When I was researching disability rights for my recent book, “We Want to Go to School! The Fight for Disability Rights” (AW2021), there was one name that kept popping up, Judith Heumann. I read her fantastic biography and immediately knew that children and classrooms everywhere needed to know about this brave activist who has championed disability rights for decades.

From her early days at camp and college, to her fight to become a teacher, to her leadership role at the famous 504 Sit-in, Judy has devoted her life to Fight for YES! Yes to inclusion. Yes to accessibility. Yes to equality. Her activism led her to the Whitehouse, where she served as an advisor for the Clinton and Obama administrations. Judith is a strong light who guides the Fight for Disability Rights. Her work continues to this day.

“The Fight For YES!  The Story of Disability Rights Activist Judith Heumann”  It is now available everywhere. Autographed book can be ordered at Print the Bookstore.