Talk About A Throwback- by Janine

Me and my Mom, Maryann, Speaking at Lynnhurst School in Saugus, MA
Our mission for the JANINE book and this Janine’s Party website is to change the public’s perception of children with disabilities and inspire inclusion.  I have spent the past two months traveling to local schools with my mom to help spread our message. It has been a great experience especially, last week when I visited two places, which played an important part in my education. It's been a whirlwind.

On Wednesday, April 29 my mom and I traveled to Henniker, NH to speak at my (and my boyfriend Matt's) alma mater New England College. It was wonderful to see my old professors again. I love Henniker and miss it a lot. We spoke in front of a group of professors and students mostly, in the education department. I hope they gained some insight into what it’s like to be a student with disabilities.

On Thursday, April 30 we traveled to my former elementary school, The Lynnhurst School in Saugus, Massachusetts. After 17 years the school still looked the same and there were even several teachers still teaching there.
We spoke to all the students, for three sessions, grades Kindergarten to 5th. The kids were awesome and asked some great questions about how I have overcome challenges over the years. I gladly answered them. I am so humbled to be able to come back to the place I grew up and inspire future generations to put an end to bullying.

Here are some former teachers from Lynnhurst:
Me with Mrs.Bibeau (5th Grade Teacher)

Me and Mrs. Nadeau (2nd Grade Teacher)

 Mrs. Elwell (3rd Gr.) and Me, with a book I created in 3rd grade!
Thanks everyone - It was fun!