Creativity. Bravery. Ingenuity.

These three words are not typically associated with people with disabilities 
but they ARE and should be.

Here are NEW picture books which exhibit these traits. 
Creativity: Unbound- The Life & Art of Judith Scott  
Bravery: We Want to Go to School! The Fight for Disability Rights
Ingenuity: Best Buddies

These books flow together, capturing times in history in the fight for disability rights in education; from the injustices of 1950’s when Judith Scott was institutionalized (Unbound), to the 1971 fight for Public School Education (We Want to Go to School!), to current day when children with disabilities are educated with their peers (Best Buddies).

Yes- thankfully, times have changed. 
Laws have been enacted to include ALL children into public schools, 
but more needs to be done to include people with disabilities in all walks of LIFE. 

Check out these great books. 
I hope you add them to your library and help to open hearts and minds. 
Thanks!- Maryann Cocca- Leffler & Janine Leffler


Written by Joyce Scott with Brie Spangler, Illustrated by Melissa Sweet
Judith Scott was born with Down syndrome. She was deaf, and never learned to speak. She was also a talented artist. Judith was institutionalized until her sister Joyce reunited with her and enrolled her in an art class. Judith went on to become an artist of renown with her work displayed in museums and galleries around the world.
Poignantly told by Joyce Scott in collaboration with Brie Spangler and Melissa Sweet and beautifully illustrated by Caldecott Honor artist, Melissa Sweet, Unbound is inspiring and warm, showing us that we can soar beyond our perceived limitations and accomplish something extraordinary. 
Published By Knopf Books


By Maryann Cocca-Leffler & Janine Leffler, Illus by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
There was a time in the United States when millions of children with disabilities weren’t allowed to go to public school. But in 1971, seven kids and their families wanted to do something about it. They knew that every child had a right to an equal education, so they went to court to fight for that right. The case Mills v. Board of Education of the District of Columbia led to laws ensuring children with disabilities would receive a free, appropriate public education. Told in the voice of Janine Leffler, one of the millions of kids who went to school because of these laws, this book shares the true story of this landmark case.
Published by Albert Whitman & Co.


Written By Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Arthur Lin
Best Buddies introduces a boy-and-dog duo who are BEST FRIENDS and who do EVERYTHING together! So how will they manage being apart when the boy heads to school for the first time? Find out how a clever boy with Down syndrome and his loyal pet find the perfect way to feel close even when they can’t be together. A sweet, inspiring story that will ease concerns about the first day of school and other big changes for kids.
Published by Capstone Publishing Co.