Announcing - Our Upcoming Book:

We Want to Go To School! The Fight for Disability Rights

Albert Whitman & Co. Sept 2021

Did you know that before 1971 children with disabilities did not have the legal right to attend public schools? Well, it is true. The history of education for children with disabilities was grim. 

In 1971, seven families in the Washington, DC area, who's children were denied a public school education because of their disabilities, joined together to fight for their childrens' rights, and won! Because of their bravery, children with disabilities all over America now have the right to an appropriate public school education.

This is their story.

I am very proud to have co-authored this book, with my daughter Janine. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Above- The Publisher's Weekly announcement

Our book is publishing in September 2021 by Albert Whitman & Co.
 Stay tuned...More to come!
Keep Fighting-
Maryann & Janine